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FoxyHome brings you Luxury Boutique Apartments in the GTA. These homes are available for rent. Each with 1-5 large bedrooms, 1-3 baths, heated floors, sound proofing, and Green Energy. These projects will certainly reveal that luxurious sustainable living, is possible with FoxyHome.Drop us a message for more information Here.

Addressing the Missing Middle

In a rapidly evolving world where cities are at the heart of progress, there arises an imperative challenge: the scarcity of housing options that bridge the gap between single-family homes and towering high-rise condominiums. This is where the concept of “Missing Middle housing” steps in, and FoxyHome is here to lead the way. addresses the ‘missing middle’, or gap, that exists for modern apartments for rent and  living spaces in residential communities. The housing crisis leaves only two choices, unaffordable single-family homes or large-scale condominiums, is the “missing middle”.

The recent global pandemic has illuminated the pressing need for green spaces, an essential facet often absent from towering high-rise condos. FoxyHome listens to this call and integrates sustainability into the very fabric of our housing solutions.

As governments emphasize the significance of net-zero ready properties, FoxyHome stands at the forefront of sustainable innovation. Our housing designs are aligned with the principles of environmental stewardship, incorporating elements like solar panels and zero combustion features. We believe that sustainable living is not merely an option but an essential cornerstone for the future.


The FoxyHome Way

We design, build and revitalize existing properties that are uniquely situated to accommodate lifestyles that are independent of high-rises and elevators. Our low-rise buildings are built on already developed land, with luxury and above all sustainability in mind. Energy efficiency and modern appliances are built into these unique apartments available for rent. We go the extra mile to meet your lifestyle needs with exquisite rental, security, green space, and a sense of community in the city.


The FoxyHome Advantage

Renting fully furnished homes can indeed offer several advantages to new immigrants.

Here are the eight major reasons summarized from your provided information:

Financial Advantage + _

Renting a fully furnished home can offer various financial benefits, such as:


a) Eliminating the need for a car in walkable and transit-friendly areas, saving on transportation costs (Average $1,250.00 per month as new immigrants pay hefty insurance premiums).


b) Avoiding the expense of buying furniture and making monthly furniture payments (Typically over $750.00 per month for much lower quality furniture offered by the landlord).


c) Depending on the unit size chosen, possibility of sharing a unit with up to a total of 3 families to reduce living costs per person.


d) Building a positive credit history by having the landlord report rent payments to credit agencies, something very unusual in the industry.


e) The option to keep all the furnished items when staying for over a 5-year period and agreeing to a specified rent increase schedule upfront at time of initial contract singing.

Convenience + _

Renting a fully furnished home eliminates the need to spend time and effort setting up a new living space, allowing immigrants to focus on their work and adjusting to their new surroundings.

Risk Reduction + _

Landlords take responsibility for maintenance and repairs, making it easier for tenants to address any issues promptly with a single phone call.

Guaranteed Quality + _

Experienced landlords typically deliver higher-quality and professionally furnished homes due to their expertise in similar projects.

Single Responsibility + _

Tenants have a single point of contact for all housing-related issues, simplifying communication and problem resolution.

Time Savings + _

Ready-to-use homes save time by avoiding unexpected challenges or delays associated with setting up a new home, especially when unfamiliar with local resources.

Ready-to-Use + _

Fully furnished homes come equipped with everything needed for daily living, including kitchenware, bedding, and furniture, reducing the need for additional purchases and headaches.

Stress Reduction + _

Shifting responsibility to the landlord reduces the stress and workload associated with adapting to a new environment or the new country.

These reasons collectively make renting fully furnished homes from FoxyHome an attractive option for new immigrants seeking a hassle-free and cost-effective way to settle into their new environment.

Elevating Rental Security and Credit Building with FoxyHome and

Embracing the ethos of security and progress, each FoxyHome rental package is complemented by rent guarantee insurance from This partnership ensures not only a secure rental experience for FoxyHome tenants but also facilitates new immigrants in building their credit scores, fostering financial empowerment and stability.

Current Projects Under Development

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